2018 Workouts (Team & Individual)

Team Workouts

♦Live Water Sports Run & Paddle

3 Rounds For Time:
200 m Paddle
200 m Run

*Teammates will work in a rotating fashion. In the first round teammates A & B will work, then A & C, and finally B & C.

Fuse Lenses Ski & Clean

3 Rounds For Time: (split work however you choose)
25/20 Calorie Ski
18 D Ball Clean Over Shoulder

Scaled:  70/50
Intermediate:  100/70
Masters:  150/100
Rx:  150/100

*The D Ball will advance every round throughout the workout.

Cap = 8 minutes

♦War X Thruster Buster

Partner 1:
5 Rope Climb
15 Thruster
Partner 2:
4 Rope Climb
20 Thruster
Partner 3:
3 Legless Rope Climb
25 Thruster
with remaining time:
Max Bar Muscle Ups (split however among all 3 athletes)

Score = Total number of Muscle Ups, Chest to Bars, Pull Ups, or Jumping Pull Ups per respective division. (see below)

Scaled:  75/55, 10/8/6 Supine to Stand, Jumping Pull Ups
Intermediate: 95/65, Rope Climb (no legless), Pull Ups
Masters: 115/75, Rope Climb (no legless), Bar Muscle Ups Men, Chest to Bar Women
Rx: 135/95 (see above)

Cap = 8 minutes


 Bench Press
5 rep, 3 rep, 1 rep

*Teammate A will perform a 5 rep bench press, Teammate B will perform a 3 rep bench press,bingo sites and Teammate C will perform a 1 rep bench press. You will spot each other, and may assist in the form of a “lift off” for your teammate, however, if any non lifting teammate touches the bar while it is moving up or down, that will be a no rep. Feet must remain in contact with the ground and butt must remain in contact with the bench. There will be a 6 minute running clock for all 3 teammates to lift. Score = the weight of each successful teammate combined.

Individual Workouts

♦Live Water Sports Beach Tri

For Time:
20 Burpee Over Rope
200m Swim
800m Run

*All Divisions (The swim will be at a depth where you can stand up if needed)

♦Fuse Lenses Ski & Carry

For Time:
25/20 Calorie Ski
150′ D Ball Bear Hug Carry
20/15 Calorie Ski
200′ D Ball Bear Hug Carry
15/10 Calorie Ski
250′ D Ball Bear Hug Carry

Scaled    70/50 lbs
Rx           100/70 lbs
Elite       150/100 lbs

♦WarRx Grip & Rip

3 Rounds For Time:
20 WallBall  30/20#
15 Toe to Bar
5 Bar Muscle Up
2 Rope Climb

Elite: As is.
Rx: 20/14 # Wall Ball. Men, BMU.  Women, 5 Chest to Bar instead of BMU.
Scaled: Hanging High Knee Raise, Target Burpee, 4 Supine to Stand instead of 2 RC.

♦Lab Werx Floater

1 rep max clean.
*any clean is acceptable. 4 minutes to lift, you may go up or down in weight as desired and take as many attempts as needed. The bar can start loaded.