Athletes will receive a chip timer bib at registration and must attach it or hold it when performing this workout. This event will run roughly 1 hour in entirety, between 8 and 9:30 AM. (Exact heat schedules will be released 1 week prior to event). Each division will begin this event in 5 minute “waves”, to ensure adequate spacing. Teams and Individuals will run along side each other. Individual scores will be the time it takes to complete their prescribed run. Teams will be scored as a combined time between each athlete.

All bars will start unloaded. At the call of 3-2-1 GO!, athletes will be permitted to load their bar and begin. Athletes may switch weight at anytime, and go up or down as they wish. Teams can take as many turns each as they’d like. Co ed teams will have to use their designated bar, please let our staff know if your team will require more than what is on the floor day of. Scores are your highest successful 3 rep front squat (weights will be combined for teams). You may power clean, squat clean, hang clean etc. to get the weight up. If your first clean is a squat of any kind, that rep will count towards your 1st front squat repetition. Please make verbal agreement with your judge prior to lifting to ensure communication is present in terms of what weight is loaded on your bar.

During the 1 minute reset (or before if you’d like), you will unload, place weights back accordingly, and reload your barbell to the correct weight for “Tsunami”. It is up to each athlete to ensure their bars stay on their mats during their event. Our Venue is unique, and each athlete has a responsibility to not interfere with other athletes in nearby lanes. Non working athletes will remain on the start mats, while working athletes are on the floor. To tag out, the working partner must run back to the start mat, tag their partner, then partner 2 can begin their work. The same flow will apply to the entire event. If a team or individual is time capped, their score will read in seconds, how many reps are left in their workout.

This event will take place on the field, and be in a down and back style. All athletes will begin on their start mats, and at the call of 3-2-1 GO! begin working on the Ski Erg. After completion of the Ski Erg prescribed distance, they will start on their bear crawl/handstand walk. These movements will be performed in a 25’ section, going back and forth numerous times (depending on their division) before moving further down the field to the dumbbells. Teams may switch out between any 25’ section, but not in the middle of a section. If an athlete comes down from their hands, the judge will mark where their hands last were, and the athlete will begin again at the mark of the judge. 25’ sections do not need to be done unbroken. Similar to the previous event, the non working athlete will remain on the start mat at all times. As the event reaches each subsequent movement, the distance between partners will grow further, until they make their way back down the field after the sit ups/GHD’s are completed. For the alternating dumbbell snatches, both heads of the dumbbell need to touch the ground between reps. Dumbbell must be SET DOWN once completed. If a dumbbell is dropped, that will incur a no rep, and an additional dumbbell snatch will be required. An ABmat will be present for athletes to use during the sit ups. If a team or individual is time capped, their score will read in seconds, how many reps are left in their workout.